I’m an attorney in Baltimore, Maryland. I have a computer and I’m not afraid to use it. Mostly to write stuff. I have this crazy idea that lawyers can be interested in things that aren’t strictly law-related, and that those interests can make them better lawyers. Hence the broad range of subjects I write about here.

I am a graduate of Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Academically Talented Youth, where I studied creative writing. Then life took me to law school. My evidence professor offered extra credit to anyone who wrote a poem at the end of the exam. I took him up on the offer. Hello, Professor Fishman (it was me!)

I love my work. Legal writing is a challenge because you can’t always do what, as a writer, you’d like to. I am a litigator, though, and that gives me a little more creative wriggle room than I would if I did, say, finance. Juries love a good story and telling stories is what I do.
You can find out more about me here.

Like all good lawyers I’m open to talking. You can reach me at jennifer.lubinski@lf-pc.com, or at (410) 581-7400.

2 Responses to “About Jennifer S. Lubinski”

  1. Rita McNamara Says:

    Thank you for this factual and unbiased article. Is there any way you can get this published in any local and/or national Hispanic media? I am sure they would be interested in knowing of efforts made on their behalf.
    Thank you,
    Rita McNamara

  2. Jean Says:

    There is a book on judicial writing, writing of judgements where in fact, occasionally a judgement has been written as a poem.

    Yes. Talk about plain legal writing, that takes it to totally different realm!

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