If you’re a lawyer who reads the ABA Journal, you know Angus.

I met him about twenty years ago, when my dad, who knew I was thinking about law school, gave me a subscription to the ABA Journal for Christmas one year.  It wasn’t the convertible I was hoping for, but ultimately I got a lot more mileage out of it.  (You like what I did there?)

This month Angus and his progenitor, Jim McElhaney, say good-bye after twenty-five years.  Wow.  That means I got in practically on the ground floor.

I have been wanting to pay tribute to Angus in my own small way, and because it seems to me that Angus has never had much of a life outside the little room from which he issues his wise words, I thought I would take him on a vacation.  In honor of his retirement, you see.  But Angus is a fictional character, and under the laws of physics and Strunk & White he can only travel to fictional locales.

I’m having fun with this.  I hope you do too.  And Professor McElhaney, if by some miracle of the Interwebs you ever get to read these, thanks.  It’s been twenty-five really good years.

Look for my first post tomorrow, wherein Angus will pay a visit to some fictional characters you will no doubt recognize.  More posts will follow for the rest of September.

Beannachd leat, Angus.