You know how I like to support the truly creative people.  Two unusual offerings today:

First, “art video.”  Naomi S.S. Jacobs of @artsypoets messaged me recently and asked me to take a look at her YouTube posting.

I think it’s lovely, although I might select something other than Enya for the music.   It is fascinating to me to watch as artists take up technology and bend it to their own purposes.  Thank you, Naomi.

And second, necklaces with a cause.  Lovetta Conto fled Liberia when she was a little girl during that country’s first civil war.  Charles Taylor, who acceded to power by the end of the conflict, is now on trial at the Hague for war crimes.  Conto now makes necklaces with charms made from discarded bullet casings.  All of the profits from the sale of the necklaces benefit the Strongheart Fellowship Program, which assists children displaced by conflict. 

Law firm profits are taking a turn for the better.  Buy, buy, buy.