Honestly, I hadn’t really looked at this blog for a while.  When I did look it over recently, I came to a sad realization: it was deathly boring.  Just boring.  For someone who professes to enjoy writing and to be reasonably good at it, not exactly a flagship. 

So I’m taking a step back and rethinking.  There are so many blogs out there about legal news and what’s going on in the field.  I’m not contributing anything to that with my musings on SCOTUS.

What I find interesting in my life outside of the office is literature, particularly poetry, and I often find ways of writing about those topics with a legal focus.  See here:   http://www.msba.org/departments/commpubl/publications/bar_bult/2010/august/litigator.asp; or here: http://www.msba.org/departments/commpubl/publications/bar_journ/v42/v42n1.asp.  (As for the second one, maybe I will try to get the content up.)  Anyway, I think this is what I’d prefer to blog about here.  

If you like the idea, let me know, because writers are notoriously insecure and I am no exception (about my writing, anyway.)  I’ll take topic suggestions, too.  I’m probably going to take a shot at Spoon River Anthology in the next post. 

So, for now, curtain.  See you in a bit.